Waterfalls in Germany

Waterfalls in GermanyThere are many waterfalls in Germany but also a lot of small waterfalls. Germany (Deutschland) is a big country with several waterfalls divided over the whole country. Germany, strangely enough, is quite unknown territory for me. I live nearby in the Netherlands but I only visited Germany twice chasing waterfalls.

Most of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany are located in the south, in the Alps and in the Schwarzwald.

The German translation of waterfalls in Germany is “wasserfälle in deutschland”. This is a good search phrase on Google if you can read German.

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Waterfalls of Germany map

I have listed over 70 of the best waterfalls of Germany on a Google map. The “waterfalls of Germany map” is easy to use and there are links to all waterfalls of Germany with more information. Just click on the bigger map icon to view the “waterfalls of Germany map” fullscreen.

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Best rated waterfalls in Germany

Name Region Locations Height # Rating #
Radau Wasserfall Niedersachsen Bad Harzburg (Harz) 23 m23
Romkerhaller Wasserfall Niedersachsen Goslar (Harz) 50-64 m50
Spiegelthaler wasserfall Niedersachsen Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz) 7 m7

Pöllatfall - waterfalls in GermanyBecause I don’t know much about waterfalls in Germany, I had to do some research where the most beautiful and highest waterfalls can be found in Germany. I think the Bayern region is high in the ranking regarding the highest and most beautiful waterfalls of Germany.

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. There are several mountain and hilly areas in Germany; the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), the Eifel, Erzgebirge, Hunsrück, Kellerwald, Sauerland, Thuringian Forest, the Harz and of course the Alps. In the Alps the most and most interesting waterfalls can be found.

The Zugspitze with 2.962 meters the highest mountain in Germany and is located in the Alps in the Bayern region. Of the five (small) glaciers in Germany there are two located on the Zugspitze. Waterfalls in Germany mostly are fed by melted snow or rain.

The roads in Germany are perfect and you don’t have to pay toll. Most areas are quite easily accessible and the price level for traveling is reasonable.

The German word for waterfall is “wasserfall” or plural “wasserfälle “. At the moment I have registered about 80 waterfalls in Germany.

April 2017 I visited Germany for the first time chasing waterfalls. I decided to drive to the Schwarzwald (Baden-Württemburg) because there are several beautiful waterfalls close to each other.

The second time I went to Germany was april 2018 when I followed the deutsche alpenstrasse which brought me along a lot of beautiful waterfalls. There are many gorgeous waterfalls to be found in the Allgäu (region Bayern).

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Biggest waterfalls by volume in Germany

Triberger wasserfälle, Triberg, Schwarzwald, GermanyIt is very difficult to determine what the most powerful waterfall in Germany is. Actually there isn’t a single waterfall with a significant volume. There are very beautiful waterfalls but most of the time these are low volume waterfalls.

I recently discovered a small but voluminous waterfall with a height of 2 meter called the Alzfall, located near the Chiemsee.

Another waterfall with an (assumed) high flow rate is the Kuhflucht Wasserfälle with an average flow rate of 1,5 m3/sec.

From the other waterfalls I have visited or have seen on pictures the Triberger wasserfälle has the highest average flow rate of all. 

Maybe the Elzbach wasserfall has a some higher volume then the average waterfall in Germany.

  1. Alzfall
  2. Kuhflucht Wasserfälle
  3. Triberger wasserfälle
  4. Elzbach wasserfall

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Highest waterfalls in Germany

The highest waterfall in Germany, the Röthbachfall, is located in the south at the Konigssee. With a total height of 470 meter, this is also one of the highest waterfalls in the Alps.

On the Internet, you often encounter the Triberg wasserfall as highest waterfall, but it’s only 163 meters high. There are still five other waterfalls in Germany that are higher than 200 meters, but less significant then the Triberg wasserfall.

Other waterfalls in Germany higher then 250 meter are: Seebach wasserfall in the Oytal (+/-400 meter), Kuhflucht Wasserfälle (270 meter), Zipfelsbach wasserfall (+/- 300 meter), Bergaichter wasserfall (260 meter).

  1. Röthbachfall (470 meter)
  2. Seebach wasserfall (+/-400 meter)
  3. Zipfelsbach wasserfall (+/- 300 meter)
  4. Kuhflucht Wasserfälle (270 meter)
  5. Bergaichter wasserfall (260 meter)

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Most beautiful waterfalls in Germany

Deciding what Germany’s most beautiful waterfall is, is quite difficult. I only visited Germany four times chasing waterfalls and it is a big country. I examined a lot of pictures of German waterfalls I didn’t visit and I made a “top 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Germany“.

My first thought is that this is my list regarding most beautiful waterfalls in Germany:

  1. Röthbachfall
  2. Burgbach wasserfall
  3. Todtnauer wasserfall
  4. Triberger wasserfälle
  5. Pöllatfall

Suggestions are appreciated!

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Waterfalls in the Schwarzwald, Germany

Triberger-wasserfalle-viewpoint, Schwarzwald, GermanyAccording to many articles on the Internet “Deutschlands höchste Wasserfälle” (Germany highest waterfall” is located in Triberg and is also called the Triberger Wasserfälle. Triberg is the perfect base for chasing waterfalls in the area and there are many affordable hotels and restaurants.

Although the Triberger Wasserfälle are great to visit (you have to pay admission) the great revelation was the Burgbach wasserfall. Why? Because it is by far the most photogenic waterfall in the Schwarzwald, and still quite unknown. The river Burgbach drops down over 32 meter in a dark forrest, if you are walking in a fairytale.

Todtnauer wasserfall, Todtnau, Schwarzwald, GermanyAnother waterfall I really liked is the Todnauer wasserfall. I think this waterfall is even more interesting to visit then the Triberger Wasserfälle. From the bottom of the Todnauer wasserfall you have a great view which impresses most people. You can walk up along the waterfall which thunders down over 97 meter.

It is also possible to drive to the border with Switzerland (daytrip) where you can visit one of the most powerful waterfall in Europa, the Rheinfall at Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

If you still haven’t got enough of chasing waterfalls also you can go the Menzenschwander wasserfälle, small but it is nice walk. If you want to see all waterfalls in the Schwarzwald in a list, go here.

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Waterfalls in the Harz, Germany

The Harz is definitely a good destination in Germany for chasing waterfalls. The Harz is a mountain chain 110 kilometer long and appr 30-40 kilometer wide. The highest point is the mountain Brocken (1.142 meter). The Harz is located in the regions Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen southeast of Hannover.

The most famous waterfall in the Harz, and probably highest waterfall in the Harz, is the Romkerhaller Wasserfall with a height of 64 meter. Very nice to see and a visit worthwhile when you are in the area. Another nice waterfall in the Harz is the Königshütter Wasserfall. Only 12 meter high but certainly good for a good picture.

Another nice waterfalls to visit in the Harz is the Radau wasserfall with a height of 23 meter.

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Waterfalls in the Alps, Germany

Most of the waterfalls in Germany are located in the German Alps. The German Alps are divided in the western part (Baden Württemberg) and the eastern part (Bayern). In the west the best waterfalls are located in the Allgäu (Allgäuer Alpen), Chiemgau (Chiemgauer Alpen) and in the national park Berchtesgaden (Berchtesgadener Alpen).

In the Allgäu my favorite waterfalls are: Stuibenfall in the Oytal, the Dietersbach wasserfall and the Zipfelsbach wasserfall. These waterfalls in the Allgäuer Alpen are high on my wishlist to visit.

The Chiemgauer Alpen are located east of the Allgäu and contains also several beautiful waterfalls but are less spectacular.

I think the Berchtesgadener Alpen are my favorite region, regarding waterfalls, in Germany. Especially the waterfalls around the Königssee. Here the most beautiful waterfall of Germany is located, the Röthbachfall.

Finally I want to mention another two gorgeous waterfalls. The first one near Fussen, the beautiful Pöllatfall with a height of 30 meter. The the other waterfall I want to recommend is located near Garmisch Partenkirchen, the Kuhflucht wasserfälle. A serie of three gorgeous waterfalls with quite a respectable volume in the river Kuhfluchtgraben.

I know there are many other waterfalls in the German Alps that are gorgeous but better check them out yourself: